Stanley’s main electric basses are his Alembic signature 4-strings, his two new Custom built Spellbinder Siblings, the Standard Bass in black and the Tenor Bass in white; creations of luthier / designer and Stanley's Spellbinder Corp partner, Thomas Lieber.The 32"-scale tenor bass is tuned ADGC and occasionally BEAD. Another favorite is a Carl Thompson 34"-scale piccolo bass(tuned EADG, an octave higher than a standard 4-string) and his 30 1/2”-scale Spellbinder Mando Piccolo bass. On the road he is using a Spellbinder Upright Contrebasse, a copy of Stanley's main upright used at home, a 120-year old German flatback acoustic, which sports a Fishman BP-100-bridge mounted pickup. His bow preference is French.

All instruments are strung with Spellbinder Strings designed to Stanley’s specifications by Richard Cocco of La Bella.

Stanley’s amplification and electronics endorsements include: QSR RMX 2450 Power Amp, Alembic, SWR amps and speaker cabinets, including the SWR Spellbinder Blue Bass Amp, John East ACG circuit, and EBS bass equipment.

Stanley's usual live signal path is split between bridge and neck pickups. From there signals go into a power supply/preamps (one per pickup), to a Mackie 1202 mixer then into two QSR RMX 2450 power amps, which drive two SWR Goliath III 4x10 cabinets (from the bridge-pickup signal) and two SWR Big Ben 1X18 subwoofer cabinets(the neck-pickup signal). He usually uses a Fender Twin guitar amp, for a bit of grit and crunch; this is driven by the bridge-pickup preamp. He plugs his upright into an SWR Super Redhead combo amp. His effects are a Lexicon MPX 550 digital reverb and EBS BassIQ analog envelope filter, which are looped into the bridge-pickup preamp and an EBS OctaBass looped into the neck-pickup preamp.

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